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took a lil "trip" [20 Aug 2005|11:19am]
I suppose I should say something about it.

Recently in the inn a man named Aishen showed up. He'd been exiled from his home world and his six year old daughter taken from him. To be a "dragon rider". Maker if I knew then what I know now that "dragon rider" means I would have left faster and done more damage on the way in then I did.

Cass and I went. We found the contact we had been told to and got more information. This queen dragon we where going against? Big as a mountain..her HEAD is the size of Adar. The Contact manages to rally around 60 others to go with us to raid the castle where the girl is being kept. These dragons on this world are NOTHING like any I have ever met. They kept the smaller beings virtually enslaved. Vile cruel things. The government needed overthrowing and if that happened while we rescued Cliae then all the better.

We port into the castle, those with us go to take over the castle. Leaving me and Cass to find the girl and kill the Queen dragon. The plan we came up with was for me to port a load of c4 into the dragons head and cass to set it off.

While Cass is prepping the c4 I go to find Cliae. I find her. Chained to a bed and sobbing. Using the nickname her Aishen told me to use I calm her. She's unhurt but points to another body in the room. A dead woman. Who's stomach was torn open. Turns out the dragons had been using these "dragon riders" as Breeding stock! The queen dragon is lucky that Cliae hadn't been touched or c4 would have been to good for her! I would have taken her out tooth claw and sword!

Got Cliae back to the inn with her father and some new Glitterstar. Aishen is going to be attending the school here as a performance arts student. And Cliae will start school for her age. Will be in classes with my four. Neither of them know yet but both will get full scholarships and a bit of money to help them get resettled. I think Aishen will prefer to keep working for the school though. he just seems that kind of man to me. Actually young Elf. he's only 80 in elf years and that's what..17 for humans?

Anyway,, I go back. We blow Queeny up and cass collects some teeth as a souvenir..plans to make a table or something. Then we had to leave before we got treated as Gods. Honestly I don't think the one we met up with even NOTICED we left while he was busy extolling our virtues.

Should probably go back in a week or so to check on things there.
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because silver did it too *I'm in an odd mood* [20 Aug 2005|11:01am]
I suppose this comes as no surprise to anyone..

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Chaotic Evil


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lets try this thing [07 Mar 2005|07:17pm]
ok..I never remember to use this. In fact its been almost a year since the list time I did, so I am not going to do any kind of update on all that has happened since the last time.

But Turlock's mentioned some group it can access that Colllin has joined called sages_of_chaos and suggested I could use it to gain some help when I come across a problem or just to talk to others that I might have something in common with. So I'm going to give it a try.

This should be interesting.
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interesting... [14 May 2004|03:20am]
we have another person from the anti universe that the..New barker...is from..

Her name is Pipeer Eng, and apparently shes the anti universe version of Turlock's Sister. I have NO clue if she even exists in our universe. Have to search that out.

But she must be bad here.. because her anti version is good.

IN fact...she's the assassin of the anti me, Razerclaw. I;m..not sure how I feel on that yet. I know the other me is an Evil person...or was..but still its a bit weird to have someone say I was your killer.

She showed up in Cattassa, Dad had to come and get me.

Telling Lock about hers going to be...rather bizarre to..

Just hope she can let go of any anger she has to those here that where evil where she's from. Jazz and the new Barker cant even be in the same room Because it Sets Jazz off. And the New Barker is the same with Teague.

it's all rather surreal.

Must say...my life is NEVER normal..or calm..at least not for long
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I was just in Hell [11 Apr 2004|10:54am]
not mine..Cassidy's...but the place will give me Nightmares for a long time to come.

Cass had went to go get some people out of the afterlife and got put into her own personal Hell because of it..Kara helped us find her and then Silver and I went in to fetch her.

It truly was Hellish..Rosepeak was ...just..waisted. Everyone was a zombie..me..Silver..my kits..Jazz...everyone. Heard the kits..Silver saw them I couldn't bring myself to look at them, but she told me what she saw. Did See Zombie Jazz..had to..kill him..it went easy though..found out that the head was the key..take it out the Zombie dies.

Had to fight a Zombie me as well. Thankfully Zombies aren't that smart..it also went easy for me..I think SIlvers took longer but then silver likes to Fight a bit more then me *wry smile* got Cass home now..shes...in Shock..need to Find Kade and Malcome.

And I know I'll have nightmares for a while..I don't even want to know how Cass is going to handle having been there for days..wish her mind was able to be cleaned but that's impossible. Going to be there as much as I can for her though.
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my gods,... [21 Feb 2004|02:12am]
Stars and Kabala are alive and back. Heard from Fi this afternoon. she wouldn't tell me all the details but apparently when they died here their souls got sent to another universe where they lived a whole second life. then something happened and they remembered this life and there was another battle and they came back here. And brought a friend with them Names Skippy. hes a BIG bunny man...taller then Jazz and Harva.

going tohave to track that man down and talk to him...erm Stars not Skippy..well maybe Skippy to.
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its been some time.. [30 Jan 2004|09:25pm]
since I sat down to write here. many things have happened. I;m 29 now..the kits are four...Teague's family got portaled to another world and came back 14 years older..but..what moves me to write now..is something that is painful to write.

Stars and Kabala...are...dead..

it happened last night. they where on the world Stars lives on now.. from what little I know from Dad. they got into a battle with a great evil...and where killed by a large blast of psionic power..most likely from Stars himself..

they knew they weren't going to make it from what Syphon says..they died in each others arms. the blast took out a good lot of the city they where in and even affected the library here as Fi and Aldon have a house there. the blast came though the portal in their apartment in the library.

Fi and Aldon..are not taking this well at all. They where closer to Stars and Kabala then anyone else here. Stars was to be Aldon's best man in their wedding. They worked together..and Fi..she grew up with Stars. they where quite close.

Fi's..gone into must get past this and plan the memorial mode..Aldon's...hes..well hes not well. this is his first taste of death. All his stories..they have happy endings. He's never dealt with a sad one before.

I'm..all torn up inside. I..want to be able to comfort my friends..but I also want to find a way to avenge the death. But from what all anyone can tell. the final blast that took their lives took the evil with it as well. no one even really knows what it was.

I feel so..useless right now..and empty..
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goodness [26 Sep 2003|08:36pm]
I've been to busy to write in here of late. A LOT has happened. to much for me to really even remember it all.

Lets see what I can remember.

First and foremost, My oldest daughter Phae is now Engaged to Jonah. They do make a sweet couple. No idea when the wedding will be at the moment though.

The whole area is recovering from almost two weeks straight of rain. Deldran is working to help the farms and other areas that got hit hard by that. Teague has told me that the rains where caused by one of his students and a failed spell. She didn't even know it was her fault. In fact right now shes in the pulse recovering from the effects of it.

Silver...I am worried for her. Her husband was killed recently by the same beings that had kidnapped her son before. Large scorpions. She says they are just after her but I fear they may have more plans then that. However now many of us are working at ways to combat and get ride of them.

But there are other things I am worried for with Silver. I also don't feel this is the right place to talk of it.

Warmaker's killers still haven't been caught. and no clues. though someone *I don't remember who* suggested that he may have faked his death to protect Rumple and the twins.

I need to go now. Riff's awake and its feeding time for him.
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last month.. [06 Aug 2003|08:39pm]
..was just...extremely stressful..I had a lot on my plate and not much time to myself. with all that is going on with the school and the kits and riff and everything.

first off..still no leads on Wars death. none at all. just dead ends after dead ends.

we have a new dean though. the school will be opening up again soon. I'm..a little unsure about him but he was the only one to apply..my biggest fear is that he can;t read...its really not good when your heads can't read. *sighs* but I can;t figure out a way to approach him about it and be tactfully. I feel very much like my hands are tied there. and none of the other deans have met him yet. I need to arrange a mass meeting.

Jazz and the other Barker met..it..didn't go well..jazz..cant be around him. his face..the voice..even with the slight difference it has from the one we knew..the one that hurt Jazz..its to much for him. I haven't even seen Barker since the day him and Jazz met.

Silvers son..who is also my godson..got kidnapped..I;m not up on all the details of who and why.but hes back..but Silver nearly died..it took Sage, Kenta and me each doing something different to pull her back and shes still not up to full. I think Horns is working with her now for that.

and more things that I know I am forgetting right now...all in all..very stressfully

OH! something nice has happened. Fern and Deldran seem to have an attraction to each other. which makes me smile. both have been alone for so long. and they also don't know I know *chuckles* but I do know my deans

and Ash has made a full recovery from his accident..well still paralyzed but hes even got a girlfriend now..and Turlock is doing better as well. so some nice things happened last month as well.
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good heavens! [01 Jul 2003|12:32am]
I..don't even know..how to really put down in words..what happened today. its..all some of the most utterly confusing and disturbing..and..out and out..weird..thing to ever happen.

I was..home alone with Riff. Jazz had the kits at the park..and everyone else was out and about. Sasha asleep on the hearth...when this..racket happened in the foyer...I cast a protection spell on riff and head to see what's going on..this..black..thing..was there..I don't even really remember all that happened next..did Port Riff to the nursery.....but eventually the blackness goes away and a man..a Canidid man..his back to me..wrapped up in barbed wire..blood..all over..it was horrid...there was a disk..it felt..familiar..yet not..I edge closer..the disk comes alive and..well..me..only..not me..she had black fur and was dressed in an outfit I would never be caught dead in ..tight and very sexual...spoke..I only vaguely remember what was said..she called herself..Razorclaw...then it vanished.

I used my dagger to break the barbed wire and healed the man..then..he rolled over..and..it....

it was Barker....I can not even put into words how seeing him made me feel. the pain of all that he had done to me..to Jazz..to our family..my people..just..ripping though me..but...he was dead...I was so in shock...

he..spoke to me like I was some monster..this Razorclaw person that killed my own father...took over universes..tortured him for days...I don't know who was more scared of the other..I of him or he of me.

I contacted my dad mentally and told him what was going on..he told me to calm..that wasn't.. really Barker..not the one that had done so much harm to me and our people. with his reassurance I did calm..we..talked..this barker not Barker and I...it was. quite surreal..having him sitting in my living room like...a normal person..

I am still not..sure what all is going on..I sent him to Cattassa to talk to dad...figure out what happened and all.

Gods...I....I don't know if I can cope with this..just looking at him..even if hes not the one that hurt us...it brings up so much..I don't even want to imagine how Jazz is going to take the news..he suffered unspeakable torments at our Barkers hands..for eight long years...its going to be worse for him then it was for me.

I am just....so confused..I tried not to let how upset this all is making me show..but..I don't know how much longer I can hide it.

this on top of everything else

its all really getting to be..way..to..much..I'm not even sure how much sense this entry has made..I'm just rambling...I...I don't know what to do.
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it just keeps going and going. [26 Jun 2003|05:45am]
the other night. Jonah got attacked by some troll that claimed he killed his brother ..or something along those lines. he was in bad shape, thankfully some people in the inn got him fixed up enough for Phae to bring him to the manor..hes downstairs in the guest room now, totally refuses any magical healing... Phae had been near him at the attack. he was all upset thinking he was bringing harm to her..wanted to leave once he was able. I told him no..stay..Phae is a big girl now. plus has a few trick and such up her sleeve *such as the rather large tiger man that protects her..and I'm not talking about Jazz* I think I got him to understand its all right and he didn't have to leave....then Sedaka and Amaris *previously mentioned very large tiger man and his teeny tiny other half..they look rather cute together really..she's a four foot fairy* showed up after I left and Sed talked to him..I didn't pry..but I'm betting something along the lines of.."hurt her I hurt you" happened. Of course..that's been something I've wanted to say..just haven't. Because well..I'm her mother..not her bodyguard..its kinda unspoken.

Ash showed up as I was going over Warmaker's last log book for any clue...hes doing better..he'll never walk again but has a chair all magiced up for him to get around with....Turlock on the other hand...is apparently still a bit depressed. Told Ash to tell him to stop by...we'll talk and the Kits miss him..they think of him as a very special Uncle.

I'm kinda getting to one of those points where..I really need something super nice and good to happen...not to me specifically..but to someone close enough to me that I can share in that...because all this heart break and pain is getting to me. one can only take so much. I need some realy nice news for a change.
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*sighs* [22 Jun 2003|08:38pm]
had the memorial service for Warmaker last night. brought back so many memories...of the one we had for Jazz all those years ago....Poor Rumpelteazer...I could tell how much in pain she was...thank goodness for her support system with the Jellicals she's going to need it. and we'll do what we can as well..still going to give her Wars pay she has herself and those children to support. after the memorial we had here the whole Jellical clan went off with his Ashes for some private ritual..no idea what happened there.

No real clues as to who killed him yet either...found a whole load of death threats but most had a large X with taken care of written on them...did find some threatening him and Rumple and the twins...no X on them...going to try following those...the guards have called in the Private investigator that moved here a while back when there was a serial murder in town.

I'm..going to go be with my husband right now...I need to be in the comfort of his arms.
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oh gods..... [19 Jun 2003|09:52pm]
its really pouring right now here....stuff is still happening just one after the other

Warmaker....the dean of the Military department...has been murdered...twelve arrows in his back. His wife Rumpleteazer...she was the first to find him..

I know how she's feeling...partly... back when I thought Jazz was dead all those years ago...but..I didn't have a body to see. I didn't find him dead after having just seen him alive a few hours ago. Deldran has her right now...he'll keep a good eye on her...her and War's twins are with her Brother and his mate. The Town guards are heading over to investigate the scene I'll have to go over there soon. and they will want to talk to Rumple... I want to be there for her when that happens. She's going to need a lot of help getting through this. At least I know her kind..Jellicals..have a strong support network..They'll help her out as well.

We'll have a memorial service for him of course. not sure when. most likely when shes feels up to it.

Her and War have been together for so many years...followed me here from the other inn. She's already been though a lot..miscarried two of the four children she was carrying. Managed to save only the twins Ohm and Esmeralda. Ohm looks just like his dad and Esme her mom. they are just two years old. barely knew their father..now hes gone. I think this time..its worse then when we lost Sunstrider...Aisling is doing fine and moved on..but they had no children, that always makes it harder.

I'm going to go to her now. Be with her some. Sending someone out to go find her Brother Mungojerrie, He needs to know what happened.
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when it rains it pours [18 Jun 2003|11:37am]
Jonah..is an....interesting ..young man..I'm still not sure what to make of him. he seems to want to stay..yet also to run. and hes showing interest in my eldest Girl Phae. and last night he asked me an..interesting question...if I have ever killed anyone

sadly I had to answer yes...because I have..slavers and those that followed Barker in the kidnapping of my Beloved Jazz all those many years ago and on the day we had first meant to wed, and had kept at the war with my people. it was a sweet vengeance..not something I normally do either...and I was not the one to Kill Barker. oh no that honor went to one of my older boys..Tegen. I was not mentally able to go on the rescue mission to where Jazz was at after the second kidnapping. Adar and a small group of others including two of my boys went on it. they had my thanks and the thanks of the whole nation given to them upon brining Jazz home.

and right now..Dubba is telling me there is a troll in the inn..I;m betting hes looking for Jonah. but Dubba's a smart frog wont tell him anything. Stars gave me such a good gift by giving me him

and why is it pouring? because right now I am having to help Turlock. his son..Ash..is in horrible condition. I;ve never seen Lock like he is right now. it scares me a bit really. I just hope I can help him get over this. I've lost a son..Jens..in the past and he was there for me..Locks been there for me for a lot of things and the Kits think of him as an uncle..

I just hope I can help him now..
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well its been...interesting... [16 Jun 2003|07:57pm]
got back to the inn. nothing big for a while..then SIlver stopped by..suddenly..in a rush... had to leave me her child to care for with out much explanation at all..and since the manor is NOTset up for caring for a baby dragon of silvers size we sent him to Ver De ver and him and George just had a high ol time. she came back five days alter..still no explanation of what was going on..guess I;ll have to wait a bit on that.

and now today...a young man came into the inn..a Jonah Quar..turns out he is the son of an old friend of mine from the..other inn...he gave me a journal that had belonged to his father Jaryd...well more like a letter...it was a bit..unexpected to say the least what it said

the letterCollapse )

I must say..that he said he was in love with me...took me by..complete surprise...he has never met Jazz...he was around only during Wirric...knows nothing of what is going on with me now...I will watch out for his son of course..I would have done that had he not said he was in love with me. he was a very good friend.

Last I saw of him..before I read the letter..he and My eldest adopted daughter Phae where headed Stormhawke's to get his armor fixed and such. I will keep his fathers secret of course. as asked. there really is no need for him to know anyways.

onto other tings..Riff is just a darling baby..everyone coos over him and the Kits all love their little brother. its great watching them with him. And Jazz and I have had a chance to..be alone and such with out any kids around..a much needed thing after the pregnancy and all that. and speaking of Riff..I hear him crying and its my turn with him..need to feed him anyways.
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Back In Rosepeak [19 May 2003|06:00pm]
spent a month rosetime back in Cattassa after having Riff. that was nice it was great to get away and actually be away to the place. Back home now..starting to get things in the works for the official opening of the museum. and the Fair is in town again so soon a trip with the family to it. that's always fun.

Riff is such a good baby, makes me wonder who he's taking after in behavior..both grandparents say we where hellions when young..or maybe he's just laying in wait till hes older then a month. He's got Jazz's eyes and my hair. and the Kits all just fawn over him they love being older siblings to him.
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*a note from Jazz* [11 Apr 2003|04:27am]
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*smiles* [18 Mar 2003|11:48pm]
doing better since my last post. a big help was my wonderful husband doing his best to cheer me up, then Monday..it was not only St, Patrick day but Val had apparently on a whim and with out knowing my mood of late decided to declare it Softpaw appreciation day. definitely cheered me up. had a nice talk with SIlver, shes expecting a baby just found out. the 17th was also her birthday. I think we both kinda helped at cheering each other up because she had been down some herself. the others that talked to me helped a lot as well..thank you all.
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its been a while [16 Mar 2003|12:31am]
Since I used this thing. lots has happened. for one, my first anniversary with Jazz. we went to Cattassa for a month. thank goodness for the funny way our portals work..no one even knew we had gone. it was a really nice month..just us two in the cabin we had spent part of our honeymoon on.

get back .and its the same old same old...some good news..the young lady I've spoken of..shes all right now..her father and that whole group have been taken care of. they no longer will hurt anyone else. so that's a nice load....

however...of late..I'm starting to feel....used...walked over...like no one appreciates me..I;m just here to be taken advantage of and nothing else..I can't stop helping people..and many know this and take advantage of that it seems...its just like..ok we got what we want from you..thank you now you can go away now till we need you again...*sighs*

maybe its just the baby or something making me testy....but is it so wrong to want to feel like people appreciate you and aren;t just walking over you? that your not just there to be used then set aside till your needed again.

maybe I;m asking to much of the world by wanting that....I don't know...
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and so..it beings... [02 Feb 2003|07:29am]
I;ve been helping a young man named Val Hallen get to the bottom of a case of child abuse and rape, he's been aiding a young woman named Islode who's father had been brutally abusing her and raping her for many years. currently her and her younger sister are hiding out in the guest home of a friend of mine, Val had been staying with Jara and her husbands because one of her Husbands Ger is from the same world and country as Val is, both Ger and Val had been..for lack of a better word..zapped here..by unknown forces for unknown reasons..they only became able to go back..even my cattassan portals didn't work..once they no longer wanted to go back.

Anyways, as this kind of thing is as known one of those things that I am vehemently against, I have been helping out, finding things out about the father. The mother died giving birth to the younger sister. I found out that the family is not human as was believed and as the girls believed growing up. Thanks to a time when Val tried taking Islode to his world it's been discovered that, her father is half demon and her mother was half angel. making her and vibekie *the younger sister* quarter angel quarter demon and half human. When Val took Islode away from Rosepeak the spell that had been suppressing her none human sides was temporarily broken and she had..painfully..started to sprout wings and grow horns, this stopped once she was brought back to Rosepeak.

I then dug deeper and discovered that the father is a member of a cult, everyone in the cult is part demon. all suppresse their demonic side and ALL abuse their children. I tracked down a copy of the groups record book *shape shifting and some other royal tricks helped with that* and well. the book is..not a pretty read..not at all, this group of vile vile people..they raise there children. abusing them and raping them..till they become a certain age..then bring the child to a group meeting..where the child is then gang raped in a ritual that is supposed to make them turn evil..only most don't survive what happens. Islode was slated for her "transformation" shortly. and Vibkie was to be stared on the abuse and such after wards, so far she hadn't; known what was going on.

I wont go on more about that book, it made me physically ill to read it, not a good thing when your pregnat, it went into great detail about what happens to each child and what the rites for the cult are. truly sickening things. but it also goes into great detail on where the members live, they are scattered all over Cantoluna *the continent that Rosepeak is on* but the center is unfortunately here in Rosepeak! it disgusts me to know that such things have been going on under my nose for so long.

A plans been formed, Islode's father knows something his up and the group has been searching for Islode since she and her sister left home. he still doesn't know where shes at right now thank goodness. Val's enraged after reading that book and so have many others that have heard about it. What we're doing now is infiltrating the group. Pi, Jara's other husband.. and a talented shape shifter, has taken the place of one of the lower ranking members once we get them all in a meeting together with evidence we'll step in..doing what..I ..am not sure..many want to slay the group and the laws of this world would allow that, I;d go and join in on that raid myself but I've been threatened with being put under a sleeping beauty spell...again..if I do another stunt like I did with the strip club kidnapping ring....I'm leaving what happens to Val the town guards and Pi and whoever else joins along..

we'll see what happens here..

OH! and tomorrow Harva, Teague, Guinevere, Westley, Kazou, and some other tiger man are going to Harva's world to put an end to Harva's races killing eating and enslavement of the feline race there. I wish them luck and a safe return.
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